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Celebrating the people who have taken drastic steps to transform their lives with the help of “Iso Tea”

Put my expertise to work for you! At Shirley Latour Enterprises, I am proud to have received the following recognition for my contributions to the community as a premier provider of services for the area.

"My beginning weight was 166.8. I started drinking the Iaso Tea (only) on January 11th." Her monthly friend visited her in week 2 so she didn't count it but "I am down to 159.6 as of January 25th." She  stated that she usually gains weight during her cycle. As you can see, she continued to lose weight during that time! She also stated, "I didn't bleed as heavy as I usually do" and "I was EXTREMELY light". 



/// Anonymous, Killeen, TX​

"Had a baby 10 months ago and I'd gained 75 pounds. Lost weight but felt at a stand still. Been drinking this wonderful tea for almost 3 weeks, with healthy eating and workouts I'm pass my pre-pregnancy weight. Thanks Shirley La Tour. I took the picture on the left when I started the tea. The right picture is today and 15 pounds lighter."

/// Naharia, HI

May 8, 2017: I lost 10 pounds in 7 days with IASO Tea alone and I feel great! Still loosing and getting better daily! Donna, Killeen, TX

/// Donna, Killeen , TX

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