Based on a True Story, you will pick up this MUST READ and not part ways with it until you've unpacked every line on each page! Discover how a seemingly great and much anticipated getaway turned into horror for this author and changed her life forever. 


She is on a mission to help others recognize the dangers that lurk where we least expect them. She is an advocate for domestic violence, mental health and homelessness as a result of all she encountered. Take a look!


From the Author: Let me invite you to experience this trip with me. Invite you to feeling the highs and lows; as well as depth of Deception: The Deception found in a trip to the Dominican Republic that devastated my life. Never foreseen and life changing events; no one can ever predict what's next!


Malice to misfortunes can destroy your state of mind with no remorse! Come join me on this you read....

Till Death Do We Part: Hell in Paradise


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