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Have you ever felt like you couldn't hear, whether in the natural or in the Spirit? Have you ever felt inadequate in your Christian walk or struggled to follow through on the instructions given to you by The Almighty God? Felt alone in this world? Has fear or doubt crept in?


If any of these answers are YES, you need this devotional! 


In this devotional, the author outlines obstacles she personally struggled in but was triumphant because she allowed the Holy Spirit to minister to her and she obeyed. Being a wife, mom of SEVEN children, business owner and ministry servant, she can identify with YOU and your struggles as well. 


This devotional will uplift, empower, and strengthen you in your walk with Christ and draw out anything that may have been overlooked. 


Grab your copy and be EMPOWERED, TODAY!

Hearing Our Purpose on Purpose: 31 Day Devotional

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