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Let me invite you to experience this trip with me. Invite you to feeling the highs and lows; as well as depth of Deception: The Deception found in a trip to the Dominican Republic that devastated my life. Never foreseen and life changing events; no one can ever predict what's next!


Malice to misfortunes can destroy your state of mind with no remorse! Come join me on this you read....

A MUST Read!

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Grace To Recover: How to Break FREE of the Secrets, Fear and Loss Holding You Captive with the Power of a Loving God

Anthology: Shirley D. LaTour, Visionary Author

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My Colored Eyes: How Poetry Saved Me by Cija Williams

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Workbook and Planner

Shonda M. Curb, MDiv 

Co-Author, Killeen, TX

I have been hard at work since working with Sl Elite Publishing on my book. Shirley has helped me to realize my self imposed limitations and given me the encouragement needed to rise above them! After my book was published, my calendar began to explode and Shirley was right there with me! She was so patient through the entire process, and really helped me to regain focus! Shirley is def a God send!

Sharon Finney 

Author, Maryland

Working with SL Elite Publishing allowed me to share a story I've held inside for 20 years. "Grace" was the right place, and the appropriate space for this release. I know it was all God's plan.Thank you for the vision, Shirley LaTour.

Lakeisha Simmons John, Co-Author, Killeen, TX

SL Elite Publishing (Shirley LaTour, Owner) is professional and collaborative, receptive to the co-author’s personal thoughts and literary journey! God’s continued blessings for you, Shirley! 

Michelle Graham, BSN, RN, Co-Author, Ivory Coast by way of Dallas, TX

Shirley LaTour , thank you so much for your vision. You help me started this author journey with many more to come. You are very professional . You went above and beyond making sure I achieved my goal. God of second chance is an amazing book. Remain bless. With love


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